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The DB/C Talk Email List

The dbc-talk email list is a forum for people to communicate with others who have an interest in DB/C DX and DB/C FS software. It is generally a technical discussions email list, but non-technical, non-commercial discussions are also completely acceptable. It will also be the email list where announcements about DB/C Software will be made. The dbc-talk email list is a community of individuals with a wide range of interests and competency levels. Most of the active participants are programmers who use DB/C DX and/or DB/C FS. Although we encourage participation (no question is too simple or too dumb), many subscribers have learned quite a bit without ever posting a message.

To subscribe to the dbc-talk email list, click on this link:

For specific support questions about DB/C DX and DB/C FS, send an email to: