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Support and update subscription

The support and update subscription provides you with email support and new releases of software while the subscription is in force. This includes all new releases of the software—both minor and major releases.

A subscription for 12 months of support and updates is included with the purchase of DB/C DX and DB/C FS. A subscription may be renewed for as few as 6 or as many as 24 months.

Software updates will be unavailable if a support and update subscription has expired and has not been renewed.

Support and software updates will be provided for the current release of a software product. Upon request, software fixes will be provided for the most recent major release for a period of twelve months after the release of the next major release. For example, DB/C DX 13 was released in August 2003, so support and software updates will be provided for DB/C DX 12 through August 2004.

Premium support

High priority telephone support is available during normal business hours. The price for high priority telephone support is $160 per hour; time is billed in 15 minute increments. To arrange for telephone support, send an email to or call 630.655.2380.

Renewing lapsed support

The price of renewing the support subscription for DB/C DX and DB/C FS that has lapsed is increased by 15% for each month that the subscription has lapsed. For example, the yearly support for a five user license of DB/C DX is $150. If support lapsed in July 2002 and is renewed in November 2002 (four months of lapsed support), then the price of one year of support is $240 ($150 + 60% of $150) and the new support subscription will extend through the end of November 2003.

There is a one month grace period to purchase an extension for support. An extension of the support subscription expiration may be purchased during the month following the expiration without penalty. In this situation, the support subscription will expire 12 months after the prior expiration.