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DB/C FS Technical Summary

DB/C FS is a two tier file and SQL server software product.

The DB/C FS file server capability provides the traditional DB/C file access methods: sequential, random, indexed and associative indexed. The DB/C FS SQL server capability provides SQL access methods. Both file and SQL access methods work with traditional DB/C files.

DB/C FS consists of client software and server software. Two SQL client software drivers are included with DB/C FS 4. They are an ODBC 3.0 Windows XP through Win7 driver and a JDBC driver for Java. The DB/C FS ODBC driver works with DB/C DX for Win32 and with many other ODBC compliant programs. The DB/C FS JDBC driver works with JDBC enabled Java applications.

Several client software interfaces are provided to access the file server capability of DB/C FS. A C API interface and a TCP/IP interface are also available separately.

The server software of DB/C FS 4 is available for Windows, for LINUX, for several UNIX operating environments, and for Apple Mac OS X.